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The Core Curriculum is the set of courses required of all undergraduates at Columbia as a general education regardless of their choice in major. Because Core conversations are about human questions of the deepest order, they serve as vehicles for individuals from sometimes starkly different backgrounds to experience what it means to see the world through someone else’s eyes. Courses in the Core Curriculum share four basic characteristics which, together, embody the College’s intellectual and institutional commitment to liberal arts education: They are uniform courses required of all students; They focus exclusively on primary texts, eschewing secondary or scholarly literature; They are taught as small, discussion-driven seminars; They are conceived as non-disciplinary courses taught by an interdisciplinary faculty. It meant that I could indulge all my other academic interests (besides the math/science basis of an engineering curriculum), without being at a competitive disadvantage with my peers GPA-wise as a result of doing so. Contemporary Civilization is taken by every College sophomore. Our focus is not on the mastery of particular bodies of knowledge, but on the development of the human capacities required for a life of self-reflection, deliberative action, and freedom. ColumbiaCollege@ The content and organization of the Core Curriculum are guided by the view that the ultimate ends of a liberal education necessarily reflect a vision of the ultimate ends of a human life. The Center for the Core Curriculum 202 Hamilton 212-854-2453 Core questions are not merely academic, but concern issues that everyone confronts, more or less consciously, throughout his or her life. Since 1919, the Core Curriculum has been the centerpiece of the undergraduate intellectual experience at Columbia College. I t all started quietly enough. The courses you take in the Columbia Core … He was an English professor at Amherst College from 1903 to 1909, followed by Columbia University from 1909 to 1937. How is human experience relayed and how is meaning made in music and art? The Columbia Core is required to fulfill general … Discussions begun in the classroom spill over into hallways, dining halls, and dormitories. Students learn to express themselves coherently and convincingly, to listen to opposing viewpoints and to evaluate them honestly, and to articulate the rationale for their positions in ways that can be understood by others. Only courses of 3 or more points taken for a letter grade can fulfill core requirements. GS students may elect to take the two-semester Columbia Core sequence in Masterpieces of Western Literature and Philosophy, HUMA GS1001-HUMA GS1002 (commonly known as "Lit Hum"), to fulfill the literature/humanities requirement. The Columbia students I met were extremely enthusiastic about the Core Curriculum, and I can certainly see why. It is hard to overstate the extent to which these campus-wide conversations allow students to build communities, equip them to talk to each other across differences of background and opinion, and allow them to see themselves as part of a human continuum that is larger than themselves and their particular interests. What does it mean, and what has it meant to be an individual? Agamemnon book. The capacity for reasoned and civil conversation about fundamental questions is a critical capacity for democratic self-governance. Literature Humanities (whose formal name is Masterpieces of Western Literature and Philosophy), is taken by all first-year students in the College. Beginning with Homer, students read and discuss, chronologically, one important book each week, up to the present. During these first two years, all College students read the same books at roughly the same time, creating an intellectual and social community that unites them with each other, with students further along in their degrees, and with all College alumni. Asia: Case Studies in the Social Sciences - A Guide for Teaching: Case Studies in the Social Sciences - A Guide for Teaching (Columbia Project on Asia in the Core Curriculum) (9781563241574): Cohen, Myron L.: Books Visiting Professors in the Core Curriculum will teach one of the two year-long courses in the Core (Literature Humanities or Introduction to Contemporary Civilization) and possibly one course in a home department. Not only do the Core classes provide every student with the opportunity to … Every week, instructors in Literature Humanities and Contemporary Civilization meet over lunch to discuss the text to be taught the following week. Read 328 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Core Timeline. Contact Us. That’s where the Columbia Core Curriculum—our general education requirements for all undergraduate students, and courses that are generally outside of your major—comes in. Columbia University has taken the next step in its plan to add new multicultural classes to its core curriculum, the great books undergraduate program. Two of the courses are year-long, allowing students the rare opportunity to read and discuss important books with the same instructor and the same group of peers for an entire year. The Core educates by affirming each student's intellectual freedom, irreducible worth, moral autonomy, and dignity.

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