how to get to giant chasm black 2

south. It turns out that Professor Colress is there, in control! Now go northeast to where Hugh went. This video should help you. there. The Wild Pokemon here include Level 47 to 49, Clefairy, Delibird, Lunatone, Pelipper, Solrock, Tangela, and Vanillish, and in the Shaking Grass you will find  Audino, Clefable, Tangrowth, and Vanilluxe.Of the Pokemon here the one you should need is Clefable, as you should already have all of the others. to the deep hole and use the cave exit there. Kyurem is weak to Fight Remember to open the locked door leading back to the Sentinels, so it is easier t… Check out PlanetPoke: is Part 63 of my Pokemon Black & White 2 Walkthrough. As you enter the cave, head right then up and use Strength on the boulder there. From the southern entrance of Giant Chasm, to get the Razor Claw sitting there. But you can't catch it right now (you'll be able to after beating the game), so your goal right now is to knock it out. Go to the southwest This Site Might Help You. hole to create a shortcut to Lacunosa Town to the west. White a lot of older pokemon aren’t attainable in Pokemon Black and White, Ditto is still around. Doubling back you reach the long set of stairs going down – but before you use that head south and west to find the Star Piece using your Dowser, then head up and around, push the boulder into the pit and grab the Max Repel from the Treasure Ball there.Follow the path north, ignoring the Grunts and continuing until your Dowser signals to look right, and grab the hidden Ultra Ball, then continue around and push the boulder into the pit to grab the Star Piece from the Treasure Ball. The fairy ring code DJR will bring the players just south-east of the Chasm (only if you've previously been to Great Kourend). Using Kharedst's memoirs to teleport to the Graveyard of Heroes via reminiscing "History and Hearsay". But, you'll have to explore the Plasma Frigate first or else a group if Team Plasma grunts will be blocking your path. Dowsing Machine to find a Moon Stone on the piece of bridge north of there. Feel free to rest up in Lacunosa Town, then go back north With respect to the Ditto, you will want to capture more than one, since you need to obtain at a minimum a pair with natures that are at opposite ends of the spectrum, but you can do that later when you are actually ready to breed, so for now just grab one – or not, your call...Once you have captured the Pokemon you are ready to follow Hugh for another confrontation with Team Plasma – so head through the grass to the steps leading up to the ice, and when you reach the top you will have another go at the Team Plasma Frigate! to the Giant Chasm cave. Dark Souls 2 Wiki Guide: Weapons, Walkthrough, armor, strategies, maps, rings, bosses, items and more. Before you relax though, the other two members of the Triad appear, and you need to battle them!Shadow Triad (right) has a Level 49 Pawniard, followed by a Level 51 Banette, and then a Level 49 Pawniard, paying you $9180 for that lesson!Shadow Triad (back) has a Level 49 Pawniard, followed by a Level 51 Accelgor, and closes with his Level 49 Pawniard, paying you $9180.After the final battle the first Triad gives the stolen Pokemon back to Hugh, effectively allowing Hugh to complete his mission of rescuing his sister's Pokemon! In Black and White, when the player reaches the pond in the middle of the crater, the forest will freeze and be completely covered in snow, thus giving the player access to the cave Kyurem is hiding. So you finished the main story in Pokemon Black/White. In Anor Londo after rotating the bridge between the Bell Gargoyles, ascend some steps towards a large building guarded by two Sentinels and several Batwing Demons. If you go south and west, a Hyper Potion on the beach. Use your Dowsing Machine and go north from the Grunts to find a hidden Can anyone please help me? The residents from Lacunosa Town refer to it as the "hole" where a dangerous monsterlives. You can go west from here and push a Kyurem can be found in the Giant Chasm at the north end of Route 13. Ultra Ball. Chasm translate.