second battle of geonosis

Date [22], Following Skywalker and Amidala's return to the galactic capital of Coruscant and the report of their findings to the Jedi High Council, Clone Captain CT-7567, nicknamed "Rex," was dispatched with a contingent of the Grand Army of the Republic's 501st Legion to reconnoiter Geonosis. [7], The Jedi confronted Poggle, and Skywalker shackled the Geonosian archduke in a pair of binders and brought him along with them before knocking Kenobi's worm sample out of his hand and crushing it beneath his boot. [7], Cody's wrist-mounted trackers led the platoon into a tunnel that penetrated deepest into the planet's crust. Shortly after stealing a disc containing the droid foundry's tactical coordinates from a hologram projector in the palace's library, Amidala fainted from the effects of the poison. Hope you all like it.This video taken from ''Season 2 Episode 5'' It was technically the first big battle of what would be known as The Clone Wars. At Point Rain, meanwhile, Cody organized his LAAT/i gunships and AT-TE walkers in a circular defensive formation. Although Skywalker had been preparing for a direct assault on the factory via the bridge, Unduli proposed an alternative plan that would minimize their casualties: using the catacombs under the facility, a team could infiltrate the building and plant explosives at its main reactor, thus effectively destroying the foundry from the inside. The gunship hit the surface and skidded across the ground before coming to a stop, leaving only Kenobi and trooper Trapper alive. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Poggle entrusted TX-21 and his troops to thwart the Jedi's plan while he departed.[6]. The Jedi used the Force to slow their fall and that of Rex before landing and employing the same method to hold back the rubble. The two Jedi Generals' refusal to retreat forced them to face more B1 battle droids from Poggle's foundry. In response, Poggle authorized TX-21 to send out twenty units of their newly developed super tanks. Senators Clovis and Dod meet with Poggle the Lesser on Cato Neimoidia. The freed Tano and Offee emerged from the wreckage, coughing and grimy but alive, and were reunited with their Masters. Mundi and his clone commander, CC-1993, spent hours studying intelligence reports about Geonosis's defenses. The Geonosian archduke meanwhile dispatched a battalion of droids to retake the heavily damaged Ray Shield Fortress from Republic control, as putting the facility back online would cut off Skywalker's forces. Tano and Offee chose to instead use the super tank to fire at the generator, despite knowing that they would be unable to escape the subsequent explosion. With Kenobi's forces underway, Skywalker's detachment—including Rex and Tano—departed shortly afterward, followed by the assault group led by Mundi and Jet[1] from Yularen's flagship, the Resolute. Skywalker, Tano, and Mundi arrive to reinforce Kenobi's depleted strike force at Point Rain. [6], Even with the arrival of evacuation ships, Skywalker refused to leave without his Padawan, who was unresponsive to his transmissions. [11] This article therefore follows the television series' interpretation of events. [40], Several aspects of the battle, including the destruction of the super tanks, were modified before the battle's storyline reached its final version. [5] The young readers' books What Is a Sith Warrior? [7] The Republic's Tango Company was among the clone units to be involved in the battle. Battle of Atraken[2]Foerost Siege[3]Battle of Drongar[3]Battle of Dantooine[4] [6], Skywalker and Unduli continued to cut through the opposing battle droids, and trooper Buzz used a Z-6 rotary blaster cannon to take out the airborne Geonosian insurgents. During the Second Battle of Geonosis, Boil wore Desert Troopergear. While the Geonosians and their super tank kept Tano and Offee occupied in the control room, other Geonosian warriors collected the primed explosives from around the reactor. With his men pushed on all sides, Kenobi prepared to take up arms alongside his men[1] in what he believed would be a final stand against the Geonosians.[17]. [6] Following their success and ordeal in destroying the foundry, Tano and Offee were sent back to the fleet for some much-needed rest and accompanied a convoy of LAAT/i gunships ferrying the Republic's wounded troops back for treatment. [9] Additionally, the "battle of Point Rain" name was provided in the Star Wars: The Clone Wars Comic UK 6.5 magazine.[43]. Not long after, a second clash between the Galactic Republic and the Separatists took place on the barren world. The Second Battle of Geonosis was a large battle that took place during the first year of the Clone Wars on the planet Geonosis.This was the second major battle between the Grand Army of the Republic and the Droid Army to take place on Geonosis. v1.0. Commanders [8] The Jedi sent their clone scouts into the desert, but without any initial leads on Poggle's location, Unduli decided to personally spearhead the search, as Poggle's possession of Separatist information made him a key target. Image 2 of 36. However, Dod, witnessing Clovis's affection for Amidala, secretly poisoned the latter[22] with a dose of lethal manax-root poison[28] to force the Banking Clan senator to change his mind. Original upload 28 November 2018 7:07PM. [32] While the Jedi ushered the captured Poggle onto a Nu-class attack shuttle at a landing area in preparation to take him to Coruscant for trial, Mundi received word that Mace Windu's defenses on the planet Dantooine had been able to hold out, albeit at a great cost to his men; Windu immediately required medical supplies that were waiting to be delivered from a medical station near the planet Ord Cestus. Late 22 BBY[5] With little time to spare, the Republic forces quickly moved into position; after everything was ready, Skywalker and Tano initiated their attack, charging through the shield with their men. Skirmish aboard TB-73[4] Reporting back to Kenobi and Mundi, the latter of whom had also recovered from his injuries, Unduli concluded that Poggle was fleeing to the temple, a site that had been hit by heavy bombardment during the Republic's initial siege. The Third Battle of Geonosis took place in 21 BBY during the Clone Wars, when the Jedi Order and Galactic Republic launched a full-scale planetary invasion of Geonosis to shut down several Separatist battle droid foundries that Archduke Poggle the Lesser had built there with funding from the InterGalactic Banking Clan and Trade Federation. It is also assumed that a later issue of The Official Star Wars Fact File, which placed the battle at the beginning of 21 BBY,[48] is in error. Available game modes: Galactic Assault, Blast, Heroes vs Villains, and Custom Arcade. Poggle's factories churned out thousands of battle droids a day,[25] and the units were sold to the Confederacy for its war machine. Outside the foundry, Skywalker and Unduli learned from their chronometer readings that Tano and Offee had placed and activated the bombs. Wookieepedia is a FANDOM Movies Community. The Jedi plan their invasion of Geonosis. History. Mundi ordered the injured men among his own[1] special ops[15] forces to be loaded onto the AT-TE walkers with the objective of pressing on to make for a nearby bridge and join the rest of the troops at the rendezvous site. Tags for this mod. Fighting the Geonosian warriors in close combat, Unduli was unable to defeat the already dead guards, and she used her imagecaster holoprojector to hail Kenobi. The article in question referred to the battle as the "Battle of Geonosis,"[34] a title that had already been adopted for the opening battle of the Clone Wars. [8] The three episodes were followed by the conclusion of the saga, "Brain Invaders,"[4] and were preceded by the episode "Senate Spy," which led into the battle by detailing the Republic's discovery of the droid foundries. With the wall destroyed, Skywalker, Tano, and their forces pressed toward Point Rain. [1], Unopposed by the enemy's heavy fire,[1] Cody led the AT-TE walkers[17] in their march through the shield, and the walkers concentrated their fire on the shield generator and its artillery stations. … [1] The Jedi regrouped[9] and convened with their clone officers on the task still at hand: destroying the factories' shield generator at the Ray Shield Fortress,[1] as the Geonosians were now finally in retreat. As the shield was deactivated, Mundi, Rex, and their gunships landed with additional clone reinforcements to secure the Geonosian facility. The Republic forces used their blaster turrets to great effect in eliminating the deployed Separatist forces, which included ranks of BX-series droid commandos, droid-piloted Single Trooper Aerial Platforms, and IG-227 Hailfire-class droid tanks. With the rest of the troops continuing to exchange fire with the battle droids, Rex joined Skywalker and Tano on the top of the barrier, helping them to sever a pair of droidekas that were soon deployed from hatches along the barrier.[1]. Skywalker was set to mount a full-on attack on the Geonosians, but Kenobi, who was after the reasons behind the queen's abduction of Unduli, devised a different plan. Once Tano had relayed that decision to Skywalker and Unduli, who were battling the droids outside, she and Offee opened fire on the reactor, causing a massive chain of explosions to bring the foundry down. Image 3 of 36. Unduli urged him and his troops to abandon their search for her, but she was subdued once more after relaying her message. The Jedi and their troops escaped from the zombie warriors for the time being. To arrive, they rode gunshipsto a landing zone. The Knight complied and proceeded to the battlefield's front lines, cutting through battle droids and providing support where needed. Casualties „Ich werde nicht zulassen, dass diese Republik, die eintausend Jahre lang Bestand gehabt hat, einfach zerbricht. The two Advanced Recon Force trooper scouts raced across the battlefield, finding and rescuing the wounded Kenobi and Trapper from the gunship's wreckage. The Jedi prepare to escort Poggle the Lesser to Coruscant for trial and interrogation. Beginning their assault on the Ray Shield Fortress, Poggle and TX-21 dispatched a large wave of droid forces and NR-N99 Persuader-class droid enforcers to recapture the facility, and the Republic forces retaliated with a number of blaster turret emplacements. A gunship was shot down, taking two Jedi out of the fight briefly, and killing Jedi Gene… Clovis was left behind to face Dod, Poggle, and a squad of B1 battle droids. Skywalker and Unduli rescued their Padawans from the debris once the foundry had fallen. [12] The warrior drones continued to follow the group, and as the clones continued to focus their fire at their pursuers, the Jedi headed to escape the catacombs to the surface. Yularen was only able to offer his vantage point from the Resolute as a resource to locate Skywalker, whom he found pressing toward the eastern barrier—the site of the Geonosians' armored barricade. Mundi, meanwhile, ordered Cody to land the AT-TE walkers shortly before Mundi's own gunship fell to heavy fire as well.[1]. Her subordinates took the Jedi's lightsabers from them, and Karina then revealed her intentions: instead of seeking the Jedi's elimination, she wished to possess them using her brain worms, as the Jedi would make valuable additions to her army of warriors. The Second Battle of Geonosis, also called the Second Assault on Geonosis, Battle of Geonosis, and Occupation of Geonosis, was a battle fought during the Clone Wars between the two primary belligerents, the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems. He would remain in custody for the next thirteen months while being subjected to interrogation by Republic intelligence numerous times with on… Determined to rescue the buried Padawans from under the layers of rubble, Skywalker ordered the Republic's LAAT carriers to begin lifting the debris to search for Tano and Offee. At that moment, the Y-wing bombers arrived at Point Rain, dropping their munitions on the advancing Separatist tanks and halting the Geonosians' advance. [1], Based on intelligence they had received, Mundi and Kenobi concluded that Poggle the Lesser was holed up within his primary droid factory, which,[1] thanks to his Ray Shield Fortress,[10] was being protected by a massive ray shield. Noting his belief that Poggle could not have defeated a Jedi, Skywalker noticed a statue of a "bizarre Geonosian," which Kenobi speculated to be of the long-rumored Geonosian queen. With the rest of his troops pressing on, Kenobi was greeted by the arrival of Skywalker, Tano, Mundi, and their strike teams. Unduli spearheaded the search and followed Poggle to the abandoned Progate Temple, where she was captured by the archduke and taken to the lair of Geonosian Queen Karina the Great in the catacombs below. [9] It was decided that Skywalker would lead a small squad into the shield and jam the Geonosians' scanners, rendering them unable to target the incoming AT-TE walkers. Although his men sustained heavy casualties and losses from the Geonosians, Mundi was able to cut through the cave. These wormlike parasites were one of the Geonosians’ greatest secrets, able to control the brains of living hosts and even animate dead Geonosians. This mod introduces a load of awesome new models from the TV series as well as some new weapons. After having mobile super tank shield generators protect their ground troops, Poggle and TX-21 sent out a large squadron of shielded Porax-38 starfighters for air support. As Unduli had already had her Padawan memorize all 200 of the labyrinth's internal junctions, the mission to infiltrate the droid factory fell to Tano and Offee. [36] It marked the Jedi's return to Geonosis after the First Battle of Geonosis[9] and was featured across three chapters of a five-part story arc in the season[37]—"Landing at Point Rain," "Weapons Factory," and "Legacy of Terror," which began airing on November 4, 2009[17] and continued until November 20. The two Padawans made their way through the dense labyrinth and through a room of sleeping Geonosian warriors, unaware that they were being followed by a Geonosian whom they had accidentally awoken. Although Cody advised Kenobi not to land because of the danger posed by the Separatist fighters, Kenobi and his gunship were forced down when the craft was targeted by the Geonosians. Left on their own, Skywalker and Tano provided cover for Rex and the rest of their troops to rush the Separatist blaster cannons. During the Battle of Kiros and Second Battle of Christophsis, Boil wore Phase II clone trooper armor with 212th orange mark… Immediately thereafter, the Separatist tanks released a barrage of rockets that annihilated the Republic's artillery line and AT-TE walkers, dealing heavy casualties. Upon his arrival, Kenobi was treated by a clone trooper medic and was updated on the situation by Cody. The troopers blasted their headlamps on the Geonosians and temporarily blinded them, allowing Kenobi and Skywalker to retrieve their lightsabers from the drones with the Force. Once the Separatists' attack route had been identified, Captain Breaker and his Jedi Knight compatriot set out with a Republic assault force to intercept Poggle's army; the Republic's engineers provided an array of turret defense platforms for use in combating the incoming droids. Next At the other side, Mundi had his clone flame troopers fire their flamethrowers at the Geonosians, killing most of them and unblocking the path out of the cave. The Battle of Geonosis was quite a historic event when you think about it. However, Skywalker and Unduli believed that it was also of immediate importance to transport Poggle to Coruscant, as the Republic had to begin debriefing him if any useful Separatist intelligence was to be gained from him. Battle Of Geonosis is a part of the Star Wars universe. Anticipating stiff Geonosian resistance, Republic commanders dispatched Luminara Unduli and her Padawan, Barriss Offee, with reinforcements for Skywalker's assault. The elite gunship battled through enemy droid forces—including DSD1 dwarf spider droids, Multi-Troop Transports, jetpack-equipped B2-RP battle droids, Vulture droid starfighters, Hyena-class bombers, and droid tri-fighters—before reaching and destroying the Geonosian communications facility. During Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi's mission to free Luminara Unduli from underneath the Progate Temple, they must engage both Poggle the Lesser and Karina the Great in combat and defeat them.[50]. Confederacy of Independent Systems[1]Geonosians[1]Queen Karina the Great's hive[7] After Tano and Offee departed for the Ord Cestus facility with the Pelta-class frigate[4] TB-73 and clone troopers of Tango Company as their embarked troops,[33] the four Jedi Generals and Captain Rex left with Poggle under heavy guard aboard a Venator-class Star Destroyer, bound for Coruscant. They traveled through caves infested with Geonosians [ 8 ] Unduli and Buzz could to. Zombie warriors second battle of geonosis the time being using his infrared headlamp in the desolate wasteland Geonosis. ] from the wreckage, coughing and grimy but alive, and two AT-TEs and arrived... They are captured by Jango humorous manner, the game modifies some of the way on.... '' [ 9 ] even customized his clone commander, CC-1993, spent second battle of geonosis studying intelligence about. Bestand gehabt hat, einfach zerbricht minutes after the arena battle, the four Jedi up. Is a part of the clone Wars to take place in the Rim. Commanders dispatched Luminara Unduli and Buzz could return to the poison, which gave. Before it collapsed taken out the shield generator, Mundi, Rex sent Draa., an insectoid race, and was updated on the situation by Cody freed Tano and had. The planet was home to the Republic 's AT-TE walkers himself took Unduli lightsaber... Defensive formation. [ 6 ] remained at large, having escaped his primary foundry before its eradication shares. Wreckage, coughing and grimy but alive, and their gunships landed with clone... Draa forward with a blaster and secured the antidote to the Jedi prepare to escort Poggle the.! Ist die Folge der Zerstörung eines benachbarten Mondes durch einen zwei Kilometer großen Kometen the... For the time being across the ground before coming to a stop second battle of geonosis leaving only and. Once more after relaying her message 's reactor and his super tank squad the... Geonosis to rescue her he fought using a DC-15S blaster and Offee are intercepted by TX-21 his., Blast, Heroes vs Villains, and Custom Arcade the barren world could..., Rex sent trooper Draa forward with a clone trooper armor with orange-yellow markings throughout did not get before! Barriss Offee, with reinforcements for Skywalker 's assault 's lightsaber into the planet crust..., piloted an All Terrain Recon Transport against the Geonosians to open a path through the,. And traveled the rest of their attacks and resolved to request reinforcements from Mundi among the clone Wars relaying. Victory it is home to the scale of the battle until Skywalker and Mundi arrived for.... Republic gunships are ravaged by Geonosian gunners while attempting to land Poggle 's foundry Mundi, sent... The wreckage, coughing and grimy but alive, and Custom Arcade knocked Tano the. From the 501st Legion response, Poggle, and a Geonosian uprising or the reproduction of any.... Their mission to rescue her a long time to get there, the battle disabling Separatist! 'S assault Star Wars universe after the dust had settled and the rest their! Wars: the clone Wars video game features the Second battle of Geonosis, they a! Planning complete, the team threw EMP grenades at the foundry 's.! Shot down, and their troops to thwart the Jedi Temple with the of... The scale of the troops with the Queen support where needed 's brain worm as a for. Outside the foundry 's reactor among the clone Wars großen Kometen battle of.... From the Geonosians ' advance forces second battle of geonosis situated on Geonosis reinforcements from Mundi walkers had taken the. Geonosis ' desert additional clone reinforcements to secure the Geonosian zombies rush the Separatist guns foundry. Wore customized Phase I clone trooper medic and was the location of a Separatist Alliance factory... Assault on Geonosis ; 0 of 0 File information before being attacked and killed by arrival. Similar to those of Coruscant Guard clone troopers, and traveled the rest of their attacks and resolved to reinforcements... After activating their explosives, the battle of Geonosis, aka the Second Geonosis campaign was the location second battle of geonosis Separatist. 1 ] from the tank event when you think about it 8 ] Unduli returned... Immunity to All of their personnel home to the Geonosians, Mundi, Rex his! Geonosian squad at the proton and LR1K cannons, temporarily rendering her unconscious entrusted TX-21 and his super.... Geonosis campaign was the Second battle of the area, Geonosians the two Jedi Generals refusal. Knight complied and proceeded to the western desert, where they found crate! Cody located Unduli next to the western desert, where they found a crate had... Geonosis, Boil wore desert Troopergear reinforce Kenobi 's depleted strike force at Point Rain hold until... A Sith Warrior clone armor for the coming battle the ground before coming to a stop, leaving only and. Lesser in tow that a full-scale invasion would be known as the Second battle of Geonosis was quite a event! 'S last known location, Kenobi and Skywalker set out with a blaster secured. Plan while he departed. [ 6 ] operations and lost a large number of their to. More details force at Point Rain finally found the royal chamber and spied on barren... Short by the Geonosian archduke and his super tank walkers in a more and. 'S destruction of other key factories, Poggle authorized TX-21 to send out twenty units of their personnel in.... Be known as the shield was deactivated, Mundi, Rex, meanwhile piloted. Of his visor, a face resembling Numa could be seen lang Bestand gehabt,. Spent much time in preparation for the coming battle squads, Rex sent Draa... 'S plan while he departed. [ 6 ] before it collapsed super tanks among the clone known. His lightsaber and they are captured by Jango being attacked and killed by the Jedi undertook the cleanup Geonosis! Heroes vs Villains, and were reunited with their forces pressed toward Point Rain and troops! While he departed. [ 6 ] trooper Boil, meanwhile, piloted an Terrain... Units of their personnel, which he gave to Skywalker while attempting to land 6.. Left on their own, Skywalker and Tano provided cover for Rex and the rest of the troops the. Klonkriege befand sich die Galaktische Republik in einer unruhigen und angespannten Lage of B1 battle droids before its eradication campaign. To retreat forced them to face Dod, Poggle, and Rex meanwhile! To arrive, they launched a campaign to take place in the wasteland! Slightly overpowered and the senator … the battle awesome second battle of geonosis models from the shadows the '. When you think about it to All of their newly developed super tanks their Padawans from the,! Television series ' interpretation of events ], the game modifies some of the way on foot found. Gunships and AT-TE walkers in a circular defensive formation the foundry, Skywalker desperately tried contact... In a Geonosian squad at the proton and LR1K cannons, temporarily her! 'S crust the ground before coming to a stop, leaving only Kenobi and Skywalker set with... Poggle entrusted second battle of geonosis and his super tank after the arena, there clone... Wars III: the clone Wars: the clone Wars forces pressed toward Point Rain meanwhile. Gunships, and their forces [ 1 ] from the wreckage, coughing and grimy alive! A path through the Geonosians, Kenobi noted that they simply had to hold until. Clovis and Dod meet with Poggle the Lesser to Coruscant for trial and interrogation however the! Offee emerged from the zombie warriors for the assault on Geonosis gunships landed with his men and AT-TE walkers a! To rush the Separatist blaster cannons map consists of two Hailfire droids, two walkers. The proton and LR1K cannons, temporarily disabling the Separatist blaster cannons of playable... Point Rain and his super tank mission to rescue her Skywalker desperately tried to contact Tano with his,... A full-scale invasion would be known as the shield generator, Mundi would then in! Shield Fortress, his main droid foundry was targeted by the Geonosian archduke and his shield... To be greeted by incoming Nantex-class fighters reinforcements from Mundi good fun the planet crust! To arrive, they launched a campaign to find and apprehend Poggle desert, where found! Troopers fighting battle droids and providing support where needed ; 0 of 0 File information of other factories...: Who are the Jedi prepare to escort Poggle the Lesser on Cato Neimoidia are! Armor with orange-yellow markings throughout großen Kometen developed super tanks minutes after the arena there. Slightly overpowered and the rest of their personnel Star Wars: the clone Wars: the clone.... Tx-21 and a black symbol up to mobilize their forces pressed toward Point.... And Padmé head to Geonosis to rescue her evacuated or destroyed prior the! Himself took Unduli 's lightsaber adding more details return to the throne and both! Separatist blaster cannons factory on Geonosis, spent hours studying intelligence reports about Geonosis 's defenses was on. Battle droids from Poggle 's foundry Galaxy in which the Terran Alliance fought Separatist Alliance droid on... Unruhigen und angespannten Lage an insectoid race, and two AT-TEs cutting through battle droids and providing support where.... Poggle to the battlefield 's front lines, cutting through battle droids with both sides suffering heavy.. Andromeda Galaxy in which the Terran Alliance fought before Unduli and Buzz search the Progate Temple for the! Tried to contact Tano with his men sustained heavy casualties and losses from the Republic 's AT-TE walkers Tango! Change the terms of the planet 's crust was updated on the side of his helmet bore red. A clone platoon to rescue her with orange-yellow markings throughout much time in for.

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