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In 1971, Rolex unveiled the Explorer II as the larger sibling to the original Explorer I wristwatch. This results in a total of 24 glow-in-the-dark accents — one for each hour of the day. A Rolesor Explorer II is also a possibility, since most Rolex references debut in precious metal, move into two tone mixed-metal, and finally land in stainless steel. favorite this post Nov 13 2008 Men's Rolex GMT-Master II Stainless Steel 116710 Watch $10,999 (Bellevue) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. In 1971, Rolex debuted the first Explorer II, Ref. And because these watches were created specifically for spelunkers, there are a few key features on the ref. Before we dive into our predictions, let’s recap what Rolex did to commemorate the 50th anniversary edition of other references. As with most vintage Rolex watches that were in production for a good amount of time, the Explorer ref. would follow the pattern of utilizing green design elements for 50th anniversary editions, and it would look incredible on the Explorer II. Buy Now- Compare. A common nickname for white dial versions of the Explorer II, regardless of the specific model, is the “Polar Explorer.”. Characterized by its steel construction and 24-hour engraved bezel, the Explorer II is a Rolex sports watch that has undergone notable design changes over the decades. That must be the origin of that classic old adage: “Relationships come and go but a Submariner is forever?” At least we think it goes something like that. The history of the Rolex Explorer II is a fascinating one. A black ceramic bezel on the Explorer II would be visually interesting, but would that material respect the Explorer’s provenance, legacy, and purpose? 2021 is the 50th anniversary of the Explorer II, a vision in monochrome black or white with a sexy arrow-style GMT hand. Also channeling the original Explorer II, the ref. Its numerous changes over the years have made this adventuresome watch a classic among horology enthusiasts. 1956 Rolex Explorer 6610 with Red Depth Gilt Dial. Our wide selection is eligible for free shipping and free returns. Rolex is proud to announce its latest collection of timeless watches. Often, the fiftieth anniversary edition of a watch includes some use of the color green, Rolex’s primary brand color. What’s more, it has always come equipped with a fixed 24-hour bezel and an extra 24-hour hand. $8,199. The Explorer II began its life as a 36 mm Rolex watch and continued as such for decades until the introduction of the ref. Rolex watches are crafted with scrupulous attention to detail. While it’s hard for us to imagine being committed to a person for that length of time, it’s easy to see how 50 years could pass in an instant when you’re a luxury watch brand with hundreds of thousands of loyal fans. Rolex believed the manufacture is so complex that no other watchmaker would even attempt it. While early models ran on Caliber 3185, later models housed the Caliber 3186. Rolex Explorer II: A Robust Watch for Adventurers. The Explorer II ref. Leading up to the 50th anniversary of the Sub, predictions littered online forums. 1655, is the erroneous “Steve McQueen Rolex” label. Our best guesses vary widely, but all of them are possibilities for the 2021 Explorer II. As the long-reign of the Ref. 16550. Two different versions are available. This Oyster Perpetual Explorer II in Oystersteel with an Oyster bracelet features a white dial with an arrow-shaped 24-hour hand and hour markers in Chromalight. First came tritium (labeled with SWISS T < 25). Up to 35% off pre-owned Rolex watches. The Caliber 3085 movement now meant that the 24-hour hand could be adjusted independently from the traditional hour hand to point to a specific numeral on the fixed 24-hour bezel. 1655. Experts surmise that the crystal includes copper and aluminum oxide to contribute to the unique green tint, but only Rolex knows for sure. About Rolex Explorer II Watches One of the most iconic Explorer models is the Reference 1016, which was in production for an impressive 26 years. Shop & Save! Then in the late 1990s, Rolex switched to Luminova and the dials are labeled with “SWISS” under 6 o’clock. By adding a green bezel to the Submariner, Rolex respected the integrity of the reference while adding the tiniest bit of whimsy to it. In a world of Cerachrom bezels and Rolesor cases, the 16570’s unassuming looks and subdued details allow it to fly under the radar and onto the wrists of those who long for Rolex’s notorious quality and design without the stigma. hand. We will see that later on in the Explorer II’s history, Rolex did make changes so that the watch eventually became a dual-time timepiece. Rolex Watch Sizes and Dimensions Guide When looking for a watch, the size and dimensions are extremely important to consider. Conversely, the Explorer II started out as a 39 mm Rolex watch, then grew to 40 mm with the 16550, and finally grew again to 42mm with the Explorer ref. First, there’s the extra 24-hour hand that points to a fixed bezel with the 24-hour markings. Take for example the Explorer II ref. The Rolex Explorer II Ref 216570. If a watch has been around for fifty years, it’s definitely doing something right. Gray and Sons Jewelry & Watch Specialists Blog. Like its predecessor, the Explorer II 16570 featured a 40mm steel case, sapphire crystal, thin red arrow-tipped 24-hour hand, and a Mercedes-style handset. Before the 1655, no other Rolex model had been introduced as the ‘second’ version of an established watch; the first ever Explorer II changed that. 3 min read 0 Comments, by Theresa DiMartini January 18, 2021 The inaugural reference was the Explorer II ref. Featuring a 24-hour display by means of an additional hand and a graduated fixed bezel, the watch allows the wearer to distinguish daytime from night-time hours or to read the time in two time zones simultaneously. manufacturing of a tinted green sapphire crystal. Each of these additions were made with the adventurer in mind. Like its predecessor, the Explorer II ref. 16570 are notably different from early examples of the same model. To top it all off, the Sea-Dweller text was rendered in red, a coy nod to the beloved Double Red Sea-Dweller 1665. When the 50th Anniversary edition of the Rolex Explorer II hits HourUniverse in 2021, what are we likely to see? Unable to shed it’s uncanny ability to pair with any outfit, occasion, or adventure, the Explorer II will proficiently take over your wrist for months at … The other with a black dial. Why not? Yet, on the other hand, if you look at many of their collections, they were, in fact, initially created for a very niche audience. Add to wishlist. Bulgari’s Octo Finissimo is a Fashion Watch for Watchmaking Snobs, Don’t Forget These Four Things When Buying Vintage Watches. as you eagerly await next year’s new reference. There actually isn’t any photographic evidence that Steve McQueen ever sported an Explorer II. Before we dive into our predictions, let’s recap what Rolex did to commemorate the 50th anniversary edition of other references. Usually, the platinum anniversary is the 70th anniversary, but considering how beautiful this watch is, we’ll give Rolex a pass. The Rolex Explorer II has a storied place in Rolex brand history. And in true vintage Rolex fashion, that “defect” commands a premium price in the market over its black dial counterpart! Powering the Explorer II ref. The first Rolex Explorer II, underwent through some minor updates, as we’re used from Rolex in that era. It’s interesting to think that on the one hand, Rolex produces fine luxury watches on a large scale for the general population (who can afford them, of course). The new Explorer II, the reference 216570, featured a brand new movement – one never before seen in any other Rolex model – the caliber 3187, and also featured a larger, 42 mm case. $2,000. Its additional 24-hour hand can be used to display a second time zone or as a day/night display. 1655 did a great job of telling the wearer the exact time of day (or night) even in complete darkness. 1655 with an orange 24-hour hand, later replacing it with a red one. It continued to sell well during that time, providing collectors with a dressier, precious metal version of a classic GMT. Rolex Sea Dweller Deepsea Blue Dial Oyster Bracelet Stainless Steel Mens 126660. 216570. $26,550 1016 came to an end, a new era for the Explorer series began with the introduction of the Explorer II. To balance the large case, the hands and lume plots on the “Maxi Dial” also grew in size for even better legibility. Why not? 1655, sporting a 39mm stainless steel case and matching steel bracelet. The Explorer II ref. Celine is a freelance luxury watch writer who has enjoyed working in the horology industry for over ten years. Therefore, the Explorer II graduated from merely indicating day and night hours to a GMT watch, able to display a second time zone. In 1989, Rolex unveiled yet another updated version of the Explorer II with the ref. What Does a Complete Rolex Box and Papers Look Like in 2021. The 50th Anniversary GMT arrived in 2005 and stayed in production until April 2020, when it was discontinued. It separates itself from the earlier Explorer models with a fixed steel bezel, lume plots circling the dial, a date display at 3 o’clock, and the well-loved bright orange 24-hour hand. 1655. The logic behind this was that folks that explore caves are often in the dark, thus, can’t tell the difference between AM and PM. Its design means it is easy to read at a glance. Rolex also revamped the dial to look similar to other sports models with the famed Mercedes-style hands and the combo of triangular, round, and rectangular lume-filled hour markers. To celebrate, Rolex introduced the Ref 216570.

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